Website Design for Nail Salons

Website design in ABS has the following advantages:
1.      The site interface is professionally designed, eye-catching. Features are super and very convenient, user-friendly because the website is equipped with intuitive management tools, easy to use along with the smart design system.
2.      The code system is developed on open source Wordpress platform, able to expand, optimize search engine to help your website rank high on Google search.
3.      Modern and simple web management system, entirely in Vietnamese, helps customer easily manage their sites and quickly update products, services.
4.      The website is optimized with the search servers, configured to standard SEO, ensuring: friendly URL, google on-page, fast page-loading speed,…helping reduce 30-50% cost, time and effort while making SEO.
5.      Reasonable website design price (no including hosting and domain cost).
6.      The site is regularly maintained, limiting any negative possibilities to the site. Free upgrade support when new updated versions are available.
7.      At any prices, all website products of Bigweb are well attended and strickly adhere to to modern web standards, ensuring that the sites are working well and are bringing the best results to the customers.
8.      For us, the quality of your product is the top priority in web designing.

Website design process at ABS Viet My
Step 1: Receive clients’ request and help clients choose proper interface format, functions.
Step 2: Send a detailed report to clients.
Step 3: Sign the website design contract.
Step 4: Proceed designing interface and function codes.
Step 5: Upload data on the site; test run; fix errors.
Step 6: Transfer the site to clients; guide in using the web.
Step 7: Support the website maintenance. Consult and recommend the service packages.

Self Web Design Software​: With a team of Vietnamese and American professionals trained in the United States, we have and are developing easy-to-use web design software. You only need to know how to cut and paste images in Word to be able to design for yourself a website quickly and easily. Uploading a video clip on the site takes 1-2 minutes; 1 minute for an image, and this software has standard SEO which could place your site to top of Google, depending on the keywords competition tools. Currently we have the English version; the Vietnamese version will be complete in 2 months.

Currently, every week we have a Vietnamese language training to help you use the software easily. As the number of classes opened limit so would you like to join previous enrollment. Please call us or fill out the form to register