Why websites need SEO?​
     SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is seen as a method or a set of methods to optimize the website, making the site more friendly with search server, so increasing your site rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing,… when users search with the related keywords.
     Through SEO, administrators can bring their websites to the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) with the associated keywords to increase the traffic and competitive rate.
      For businesses marketing on Internet, the fight for top position in the ranking of search engines is very important.
      Most Internet users use search engines daily and may just look at the first page of search results. So if a customer is looking for your site, and you happen to be listed on the second page of search results, then it is less likely that the customer will visit your site.
Do you have to pay to have your site ranked high on search results?
      You can pay the sponsor links, but it is a costly way to get customers, especially if you have a lot of customers visiting. SEO focuses on the impact on the systematic search results.

SEO services

a. Keyword SEO
     Features: The solution for some main keywords of the industry and service products of clients. Advantages: Saving time and bringing the highest effectiveness, it attracts customers and increases the product’s brand. This is the key service that businesses want to focus developing.

b. Complete SEO
Features: The solution for the entire system of keywords covering the products and services clients are providing. ​
- Bring in a steady volume of traffic to the website.
- The keywords’ coverage ensures that the business’s products and services always appear when clients search.
- Keywords go to top fast.

C. SEO Audit
Features: Solution to perform an inspection and evaluation of a website’s overall condition, and from then advising action plan to meet business’s goals.
- Providing an overview for the brand building strategy through SEO method.
- Business becomes active in the managing work.
- Understand the strategies, plans and competitors.

Benefits when making SEO​
- Maximum saving on costs and time.
- The site is wholly optimized to standard SEO.
- The site is developed comprehensively.
- Access volume increases steadily.
- Increase website target change rate (visits from search engines often have higher conversion rate than visits from other sources).
- Reach new customers fast.
 - Higher customer classification ability. Targeting the right potential customers.
- Increase brand recognition. Affirm the legitimacy and brand position.
- Expand the market quickly.
- Stable revenue increase. Effective control of business campaigns.