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​​​​​​ABS Viet My has office locations both in United States and Vietnam. In Vietnam, ABS Viet My was established along with Vietnam’s integration to the world. ABS Viet My brings the world’s most advanced IT technology to Vietnam, and at the same time provides a chance and establishes bridge for young people to continue learning and working with the most advanced technology of the United States​.

Today websites-designing companies are numerous, of different costs or even free; however, when going to using the websites, customers begin to realize that “ You pay for what you get." ­If only considering the starting price, customers only can buy a part of the web design service, and for the arising factors afterwards, customers might have to regularly spend on costs tens of the beginning price.

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Such web design companies usually don’t tell you clearly about the different costs of different websites, template web designs, or custom web designs. Servicing staff often don’t explain well to you. When sites are done designed and transferred to already paid customers, shortcomings arise. Customers’ complaints then receive brief, superficial responses from the company. We always consider customers’ inquiries important and so always have the phone answering staff available 24/7 day and night. Cases when our staff can’t solve the problem, customers will be connected directly to the director..

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You have a developing business and want to expand your business to the US market; we have name list of US customers who are businesses specialized in importing and exporting. Our roll includes: 24 million businesses, 89 million families. Every week, we receive names of newly established businesses so that you can make best use of this list.

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You just started a company, and you want our business to be on the same rank with others on the first days. We will design for your business a website in 1 or 2 days when you provide us enough information and images. 

Anything you need in internet marketing like: web design, web advertising on social media, on search engine, having SEO google website, or run ads on google (Google Adwords), come to us – ABS Viet My Company. We will provide you the best route, most affordable but most effective so that your business would gain the success like expected.

Your site doesn’t bring the volume of customers that you expect. Or you have an online shopping website, but you don’t feel that it’s secure or confidential.

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In addition, coming to us you can use all our services or you can do the job yourself in confidence. In the service option “Self control your own business advertising ”, you design and manage your ads from the following software we provide:

+Web Design Software: If you can use Office Word, then our web design software will help you design and manage your business’s website easily. With $25 you will have right away a free domain name and the software you need. A YouTube video uploaded on your site will take only 3 minutes, and only 1 minute for a photo, and you can update anytime if you can drag and drop, or cut and paste on Word.

+ SEO Website Software: Hearing the word SEO Website, you will think about SEO service with cost from 1 million VND to tens of millions VND for a few key words. Price for SEO website service from the companies in Vietnam is often high, so why not do it yourself with only $2/month or $24/year, saving you money and you can manage the ads. Can’t believe in this price? But it is real about our company’s software. We regularly have training classes in SEO, Google Adwords, Google Places, and Google Apps in Vietnamese to support you in using the software.

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SEO and Google Adwords
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