Domain name is the address of the website on the internet. Domain names are usually associated with the company’s name and the business brand. Domain name is unique, and it is available on a first come, first served basis. To see whether a domain name has yet been registered, enter the domain name (after www.) in the blank, select the domain extension (.com, .net, .vn,, …) or select all, then click “Search” to check.

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          ​• URL Redirect

          ​​• A Record

​          ​• MX Record

​          ​• Dynamic DNS

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​          ​• CName Record

​          ​• URL Frame

          ​• Email forwarding

Two main types of domain names include: Vietnamese domain names and international domain names. The tables below list meanings of the different domain extensions.

International domain extensions and meanings

Vietnam domain extensions and meanings

Guide to declare international domain names to Ministry of Information and Communications

VNNIC (agency that manages domain names in Vietnam, of Ministry of Information and Communications) regulates that all customers using international domains must notify VNNIC about their international domain use at the website

To help our clients quickly complete and avoid any administrative fines, BSG guides you how to declare as follows:

Step 1: Go to Then click on the domain name search section which is “CHECK DOMAIN NAME HERE”.
Step 2: In the domain search box, type in your domain name and click TRA CỨU. If your domain name had not been declared, a form will appear.​
Step 3: If you are an organization, click the link with using international domain name for organization. A page will appear for you to enter the required information. Note: You probably will need assistance in the Vietnamese language when using this site.
Step 4: For you an individual owning the domain name, click the link with using international domain name for individual. Enter your information.
Step 5: After filling the required information, click Accept to complete your international domain declaration.

NOTE : All the statements declared above must match with the information you have registered with BSG. You are responsible to Ministry of Information and Communications for all you have submitted.
If customers don’t remember exactly all information declared to BSG, please contact the marketing department at email

A few criteria to consider when registering domain name:
          1. Short and easy to read, remember. 
          2. Hard to get confused, misspelled.
          3. Hard to be misspelled.
          4. Domain name must be associated with the activity of the business.
          5. Domain name must be built targeted on customers.